Lobster Spice Wafters


Lobster Spice Wafters

14mm & 18mm


Lobster Spice

Imagine the sweet taste of fresh lobster, with a fiery Chinese 5 spice back note followed by a punch of chilli! That will get you halfway there with our new Lobster Spice. A superb slightly washed out reddy/brown colour to help avoid birdlife and a first-class ingredient profile to aid any fish putting on weight AND return for more, once the flavour combination hits the back of the throat.

Smelt, seen and tasted to be believed. Keep an open mind on this one if you are a Cherry non-user and sit back whilst being impressed. We’ve never been shy in showing our full ingredient profile, so take a look at this little list of lovlieness:

Ingredient Profile

Usual CherryCarp base mix of ‘FRESHLY’ ground wheat, lupin, maize, soya etc with:
Pre digested fishmeal
Herring and sardine fishmeal
Krill fishmeal powder
X 7 Freshly Ground Spice mix
Haiths Robin Red
Lobster oil
Krill hydrolysate
Shellfish flavouring

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