Tang Boilies


Tang Boilies 12mm/15mm/18mm –
£37.50/kg for 5kgs £8.50/kg for 1kg


Tang Boilies 12mm/15mm/18mm – £37.50/kg for 5kgs – £8.50/kg for 1kg

Tang Boilie

A long time coming, but we believe it’s been worth every minute in both the development and the waiting. It’s been an age since we offered an irresistible sweet bait, so filling this gap with ‘The Tang’, was the CHERRY on top to our bait range.

The aroma alone, is simply mind blowing. We wanted a sickly sweet, creamy and strong flavour profile that gave depth, after depth after depth and layer after layer of creamy sweet goodness.

Unlike other sweet baits on the market, the after taste remains sweet and not bitter which is paramount to the palate (do the taste test). With the addition of pistachio, we have punched through with the rich creamy finish we set out to achieve.

We cannot put enough emphasis on what this bait offers in the way of attraction. Pineapple, combined with mango gives this bait a truly tropical TANG, add the depth and subtle richness of pistachio, PLUS a much desired creamy finish, then this becomes the bait to watch.

We have given careful consideration to the nutritional profiling, ensuring exceptional digestibility and food value. Taking a slightly different approach, we have used a variety of other products that gives us, what we believe to be a perfectly balanced all year-round H.N.V food source.

Our weight gaining base mix, in addition to being heavy in natural additives, makes The Tang a gut caring digestible winner too! This is a bait that will last the test of time, it’s a bait you MUST hold, smell, taste and crumb in your hands before giving the wow factor thumbs up which will follow instantly.

Its all about the instant attraction and this comes with abundance with our Ginger Ninja, in its SUPERB burnt orange visual colour and of course superbly balanced flavouring and aroma.

Picture a formidable and undeniably killer-carp attractant PINEAPPLE, combined with a balanced sweet MANGO. A layered and complicated PISTACHIO to give true depth alongside a sickly sweet MILKY-CREAM merging the entire profile together.

This is THE TANG – Sit back and watch our Ginger Ninja smash it up!


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