Cold Water Session Pack

Cold Water Session Pack Mix

With many trips forecast for the year, couple in France but mainly in the UK, experience tells us to get prepared. I’d rather do the hard work before getting lakeside as it cuts down on time and additional baggage to take. I already know the venues I am fishing and I have great confidence in the mix I am taking. To prepare your bait prior to your trips allows for more time water watching and more importantly can set you up for trips to come.

A simple mix but very effective, especially early on in the season with the addition of our much needed salt bombs. I believe in confusing carp into a feeling of safety rather than just a flat bed of boilies this time of year that hit the deck without taking advantage of the water columns that will carry the stimulants and additives down towards the eventual hookbait. There’s no doubt about it, they are still waking up and although being hooked in the lip maybe a distant memory of late last season, none the less they know ‘what’s what’ instinctively.

I’ll always start the season with this kind of mix, strong flavours in an array of sizes and morsels. All different in order to reach the deck at different times when spodded in, releasing signals and flavours that will carry in the water for the carp to move onto. This time of year the water is still too cold for oils to make any real difference such as hemp oil etc. Our splosh is the perfect carrier so don’t be afraid to water it down for this time of year in order to spread across your mix. With a load of salt reminents from our salt bombs at the Farm, this goes into the mix too.

We have a large 400kg mixing bowl here that we use to make our mixes, but this mix is for a number of anglers and for quite a few sessions to come. Therfore simply take a very large bucket and throw in your whole boilies. If you’ve got all 3 sizes then all the better. Then add the same amount in broken boilies and then the same again in crumb. We then add the same again in pellet ranging from 2-8mm (a mix of our pellet and coppens pellet).

Mix all the dry contents together thoroughly. You can either add salt at this stage or add the occasional salt bomb when you launch the mix lakeside. Pour a H-Dec Splosh into a container and add the same amount in water. Shake or stir vigorously and pour half onto the dry contents then go to town mixing it up. Once you are happy, cover the bucket and leave for 24 hours allowing the whole mix to suck up all the liquid goodness. Return 24 hours later and repeat with the rest of the liquid. You’ll find that the crumb through to the boilies would have taken on board all the flavourings and is ready to be bagged into session packs.

These session packs can be used ‘as is’ or as an addition to a stream of boilies. If fishing in France or embarking on a long session (2-3 days) then start with this mix to build your swim and then when they’ve got their heads down move onto just boilie. If you’ve got any of this mix left over when it starts to warm up then use it as a base and then add particles such as hemp, corn, maple peas etc.

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