Unflavoured Zig Bait


Unflavoured 3 pot Bundle including one of each colour.

These ‘Dinky’ little, Super Buoyant, Super Flavoured ZIG-Baits are a must have for EVERY carp anglers armoury. Developed in the very best ZIG proven colours and available in PokerNut (peanut, coconut and Vanilla), TS1 Lobster (Fishy Garlic and black pepper), as well as ‘Un Flavoured for you DIY Enthusiasts. Zig baits in the perfect shape and oozing flavour. Take your ZIG Fishing to another level right now!

Don’t limit to just Zig fishing, being SUPER Bouyant they make the perfect topper to any bait presentation, such as bottom baits and a great colour fleck to snowmen offerings. You’ll have no issues piercing with your baiting needle either.

These are presented in 3 pot bundles. Each bundle contains 3 individual colours in 150ml pots with lids.

PokerNut Flavour Bundle
TS1 Flavour Bundle
Un Flavoured Bundle


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