PVA Stocking Refills


Ultimate PVA Mesh Refills

Our very ethos is to supply great product at the right prices to our carping customers. This doesn’t mean ‘cheap’ products, it means products that are worthy of repeat orders due to the quality offered. What we don’t do is offer cheap alternatives or sub standard products. You’ve only got to look at the quality of our putty to know this to be the case. It’s no different with our NEW PVA Mesh is the NUTZ!

It’s taken us an absolute age in research and consultations to agree upon the right offering. Definitely one of the best products of its kind available on the market today! Manufactured for us in the UK by a company that excels worldwide in this field, using technology and processes from the pharmaceutical industry, to give you Cherry Carper’s a product that will, without question, give you an edge over inferior products. Strong, durable, silky and smooth, giving you a real confidence in its use!

We would go as far to say it’s probably the best out there and has all the scientific back up for PH neutral and no dodgy chemicals or processes that you’ll get lingering off of others sticking to the melt!

5M (Small/Medium) 26mm
5M (Medium) 36mm

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