MeatyMite Pellet


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Out of stock

CherryCarp MeatyMite Pellet is developed specifically to complement our range of baits Meaty Mite, KMT and Cherry and Almond and are flavoured and coloured accordingly. In our careful alignment of ‘For the Angler, by the Angler’ (i.e.) protecting your hard earned cash, you’ll note we offer these in just one size:  ‘MIXED’!!!!

3mil, 4.5mil and 6mil.

You’ll also note we are proud to list our ingredients and state that our pellet has been specifically designed for the rearing of aquaculture (fish) and not mass produced for farm animals!




Meat Meal

Poultry Meal

Fish meal

Rape Oil

There really couldn’t be a better addition to your spod and PVA mixes and if you love the smell of our baits, then you’re gonna love our pellet!

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