MeatyMite Boilies


TS1 Boilies 12mm/15mm/18mm –
£37.50/kg for 5kgs
£8.50/kg for 1kg

TS1 Boilies 12mm/15mm/18mm – £37.50/kg for 5kgs – £8.50/kg for 1kg

The original MLX was an inherited bait developed by our former partners Solar Tackle. It tended to catch well in the warmer months but lacked the critical punch required to sit alongside the other baits in our range. It was a long overdue project to reset the quality of the MLX but one we enjoyed immensely due to there being no mad rush in perfecting the end result. The task in hand was to develop a series of motions and triggers in both smell and attraction. A complexities of aromas that changed and slowly released the next wave.

The MLX in its main was a standard base mix combined with meat and bone meal with the addition of liquidised chicken liver. The ‘X’ was the pulling power of the meat and bone meal. For us we wanted to retain the bone meal for that exact reason and of course the legendary liver. In addition we wanted to push forward and create something we were especially proud of. A bait for all seasons which would could be heavily relied upon in the very cold and wintry of water temperatures.

A through and through fishmeal that would appeal to the meatier lovers out there, but ‘oil free’ to aid the breakdown in cold weather. We have never been fans of paste style baits due to the ‘locking-in’ of flavour and attractors, preferring the structure of a more coarse filling in order to encourage leakage. With a deliberate lean towards a cold ‘water-bomber’ we have crammed the bait with additional kelp flake, lupin and niger seed which need no introduction from us as fine detail has been covered in our other bait range.


Niger seeds
Rock salt
Meat and bone meal
Low temp fishmeal
White tuna fishmeal
Meat and savoury food source
Liver powder
Chicken liver

You’ll note by the list above we have crammed our MeatyMite Boilies full of top quality ingredients, fused together to complete a very complex aroma which we feel is beyond unique (something you need see, smell and taste for yourself to understand). The end result should capture the interest of even the most inquisitive of other brand bait users. The back notes are unreal and as stated above phase in and out when hitting your senses. The savoury bacon scent, quickly followed by the maple, replaced with a familiar marmite/Bovril trace and then the shellfish and krill very subtly kicks into play. The liver powder alongside the liquidised liver plays a key part in the overall end result of this bait as this aroma too merges into the cycle and kicks back in all over again.

What’s seems like years ago now, we had a brief to develop a bait that we favoured above all else, for us our MeatyMite Boilies are it. A bait crafted without rush or commercial sprint. We were afforded the time to play and play we have! A bait we are super proud of and we defy you to not be impressed. This is a ‘top-shelf’ bait but will of course be priced to suit the anglers pocket.

A complex array of aromas giving way to another top quality bait! We have great pleasure in introducing our own favourite, we give you the ‘Meaty-Mite’. If you never get the opportunity to purchase the new Meaty-Mite, then at the very least grab a handful off of one of our guys….cos this one ticks the box! Trust Us!




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