CherryCarp Shorts

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CherryCarp Shorts

A bold claim to make, but for quality, hang appeal, style, comfort and a cross over to casual holiday feel, our joggers and shorts cannot be matched in what’s offered in the ‘carp clothing wardrobe’ currently available!

Tons of time, design, creation and thought has gone into our joggers and shorts which will be in our shop tomorrow…These are not off the peg, copied or just our logo stuck on and resold from China! Our designers have taken everything that’s wrong with supposedly hard wearing carp shorts and joggers and recreated longevity, style, smartness whilst combing casual, practicality and comfort.

No more lifeless baggy knee and bum moulds when bending down. When you stretch, they stretch, great on the bank and off the bank ‘hang appeal’! One of the biggest issues we have managed to circumnavigate is designing and producing carp joggers and shorts, that don’t look a hundred years old after just two washes! Extreme Quality, faster drying than what’s out there but more importantly…stylish beyond compare…

Available in sizes M to XXL

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