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Meaty Mite Range

MeatyMite Range
You’ll note by the ingredients list we have crammed this bait full of highly digestible top quality ‘Meat’ based stimulants and enhancers, fused together to complete a very complex aroma which we feel is beyond unique (something you need smell and taste for yourself to understand). The end result should capture the interest of even the most inquisitive of other brand bait users.

The combined different back notes are unreal, and phase in and out when hitting your senses. The initial savoury bacon scent with a hint of maple is quickly followed by that familiar marmite/Bovril smell that very subtly kicks into play. And as obscure as it seems, a small amount of shellfish and krill attractor has also been added to give the exact ‘flavour’ signature we have been looking for. The liver powder alongside the Liquidised liver also plays a key part in the overall attraction, and feed stimulation package of this bait, creating a very unique and alternative product to much of what the boilie market offers.

What now seems like an age ago, we gave ourselves a brief to develop a bait that really stood out from the crowd and to give the angler something very different to add to his bait armoury, and be ideal for use All year round. For us the new Meaty-Mite is it!  We wanted a bait crafted without rush or commercial pressure, so afforded ourselves the time to play and play we have!. This is a ‘top-shelf’ bait that we are very proud of, and after incredible testing results and feedback, we take great pleasure in introducing the ‘Meaty-Mite’ to our range.

Trust us, if your looking for something different this one ticks the box!

Meat and Bone Meal:
A product that contains approximately 50% protein and gives a lovely meaty aroma It has been used in many animal feeds to improve the amino acid profile. A real ‘Beefy’ alternative to fishmeal as an ingredient

Liquid Chicken Liver:
This liquid liver variant is a very pungent and attractive appetite stimulating liquid food, which acts as a great feeding trigger in any bait. Being in liquid form it gives excellent dispersal from within the bait. High in natural amino acids, its also an incredible winter carp bait additive

Powdered Liver Extract:
This powdered version of this incredibly rich, highly effective feed stimulant. It has a superbly strong aroma and is highly soluble and digestable, slowly releasing from the bait as the bait it breaks down.

Low Temperature White Tuna Fishmeal:
The inclusion of these two well acknowledged high protein, low oil fish meals give further depth to the amino acid and attraction profile in the overall bait, making an excellent compliment to the meat and bone meal.

Bacon, Maple, Krill, Shellfish, Kelp, Lupin, Niger seeds, Rock salt, Meat and bone meal, Low temp fishmeal, White tuna fishmeal, Meat and savoury food source, Liver powder, Chicken liver.

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