Cherry Carp has been around for almost ten years now. We originally broke away from Solar Tackle when we were known as Solarcarp. Our objectives are straight forward and simple really, make a stand against over inflated carp related product and push against the trolling bully and ongoing intimidation in today’s online angling population.

Profit is king in today’s carp industry and it’s this drive which is turning the game into the commercial circus it is right now. Far too much being charged for far too little given back to the angler. The founders are financially successful throughout other industries and retired early having achieved much through disparate business sectors, however there is no strong need or desire to turn Cherrycarp into a high profit powerhouse.


We do what we do because we love carp fishing and as anglers for over 40 years we have watched the growth of carp angling and the gap getting bigger by the year on associated costs, charges and price tags between carp fishing and match, sea and general fishing. It’s ridiculous and uncalled for. This may be difficult for everyone to get their head around, but CherryCarp’s financial growth and stability will always remain a low priority.

We see this project as needed and fun, the minute it becomes none of these then we will quite happily move back into the shadows. For us it was far more satisfying to add our business acumen to our company way of life and concentrate on the commercial edges we could bring to the table in order to help bring great product through at affordable prices.

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